Thursday, September 13, 2012

Calling on my Dobby

If you haven't seen Elizabeth Gilbert's speech on the creative process I guarantee any creative person can relate, plus she's really funny. She talks about the ancient Greeks and Romans having little creatures in the walls who come out when needed and secretly guide the artist. They were called Damons by the Greeks and Genius's by the Romans, kind of like Dobby the house elf. Cool thing is if something is really beautiful you can stay humble and if it's really awful you can blame it on Dobby.

And so here is my newest rock painting, I found the head in my backyard and built on the body, I think Dobby was there when I found the head because it couldn't have been more perfect. So perhaps this will be a popular local image in that Montana men love those fish and Montana women want something more interesting than a smelly old fish on the wall.

Here's the link to Liz Gilbert's speech