Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dorothy didn't go to Oz, she had a colliod cyst

Last night my husband went on an adventure of stealing an ambulance with our plumber, driving to Minneapolis, taking an abandoned child with him who had a burned hand from making cupcakes, and playing poker up on the golfcourse with his buddies.

In reality he was diagnosed yesterday morning with a colliod cyst. A gelatinous ball that is in the third ventricle of the brain and if gets too big will create fluid to build up around the brain, which to my understanding is not good. In fact so bad that it had to be taken out immediately. No discussion, no saying goodbye to relatives (just in case), no researching options, but get in the gown and start counting backwards from 100 right now. And while he was on his joyride with the plumber he was actually getting a hole drilled into his head.

After the surgery, in the ICU, he was surprisingly animated. He declared that he was a superhero, and I was not, and he needed five bucks for a cup of coffee, (he hasn't had a cup of coffee in 15 years), he then proceeded to fall asleep but just as my daughter and I started to leave he woke up long enough to recite his work phone number. I started this post 3 weeks ago, and my husband has come back to earth in that time, still some memory issues, still sleeping alot but after some investigation on his part is starting to believe he didn't take a joy ride in an ambulance the night of his surgery.

I guess this isn't that uncommon, it's congenital, a little tiny thing in the brain from birth for whatever reason started growing in his 50's. His symptoms were a constant headache for 3 weeks and freaky memory problems, he also had intermittent nausea. He was lucky to have a good friend that's a doctor who ordered an MRI because those symptoms don't usually get you in to see a doctor this time of year with the smoke from fires around Missoula, much less an MRI. Very happy to live in Missoula with so much support and very happy he is fine.