Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Florence Academy of Art

Most of you know that Faith and I are leaving soon for Florence, Italy. My main intent on this trip is to brush up on my drawing skills, but I'll be posting photos and some of the art I do if I'm not too busy drinking wine and eating gelato.

The classes I'm taking at the Florence Academy of Art are figure drawing in the realist atelier method using the human body as the model, some will be life drawing and some will be using plaster casts. This is a little intimidating considering I'm a large format painter and my style is very impressionistic. I will be drawing smaller than I'm used to and in charcoal (no color!) and very detailed, which is completely out of my comfort zone. Hopefully old dogs can learn new tricks.

Faith and I and my mom (3 generations) are staying in a palace - we all get to be princesses. I've posted some pictures of the apartment.

17 days and counting...