Saturday, December 27, 2008

Zoey the Christmas kitty

I posted a couple of months ago about our dog Juneau passing away, and after much consideration and some really bad pet choices (one of them an evil hamster that is still in the house somewhere) we decided to open our house to a new cat. Of course this meant 4 trips to the humane society until we found the one that seemed right, no more evil, nocturnal, or poisonous pets.

Her name is Zoey, and I have to say she is very cool. Not too clingy, but you can pick her up and she immediately turns into a noodle. It is difficult for me not having a dog since I've had them all my life but I have to say it's really nice not having huge muddy paw prints everywhere.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Last night was the white elephant gift exchange. This is a group of women, mostly actors, singers, and one former Miss Montana (who also went to Oxford by the way). We started having lunch together every Wednesday 15 years ago - I think it started when some of us got married, had children etc. and we never had time to see each other and then decided on a yearly holiday get together. This year we had it at the Wilma in "the former Miss Montana's" luxury rental, and had Scotties Table cater the food (it doesn't get any better than that). 

Anyhow, most of the gifts that I have gotten in the past have been things that my daughter inherits or that I put away to give next year - of course these are the things that you never use or can't stand looking at anymore. In fact up to now the best gift that everyone remembers was a box of shoulder pads (we all fondly remember the 80's). But I have to say, this year I hit the jackpot, we have a new member who actually gave something really cool. And the best thing is my daughter thinks it's creepy so it's mine all mine. Mike Demeng if you're out there I know you want it, even if it is a purse.

I'm posting a photo and a photo of the rental which by the way is available through

Friday, December 19, 2008

Full Circle

A week ago I returned from a trip with Faith to Phoenix to visit my mom. It was a short trip but beautiful weather and a nice break from every day life. 

My mom is 86 and has never slowed down, she's a docent at the Phoenix Art Museum, still works in the library there and is also a member of the Art Museum League. That week there was a league event at the home of artist Louise McCall, she has been a big supporter of the League and my mom invited me along. 

Funny thing is, I was at this house 28 years ago. I was 22 and working at a Design Studio (my first professional job), and we had a project to design a poster for a well known artist by the name of Robert McCall (anyone who has been to Cape Canaveral has seen his paintings - he did a whole series of the shuttle launches), the poster was for an event to raise money for the Phoenix science center and as I recall I met several astronauts at the event - one of them being from Apollo 11, (I think it was Michael Collins but I'm not sure). Anyway I went to his house to show him a mock-up and was really impressed with his studio and how kind and generous he was.

Louise McCall does really striking still life paintings, and her house is a gallery of her work. I had never met her but she was as gracious as her husband and when I told her I had been there to see him before, she took me back to the studio to say hello. The studio looked exactly how I remember it, and he showed me a study of a stained glass window for a church that was just finished, it's actually more like a continuous window that surrounds a rotunda building and even though I was leaving the next day I had to find time to go see it.  I'm including both part of the study which is my favorite piece of his and the only photo I can find of her work which is behind the two of them.

And even though I can't remember which astronaut I met, I did remember how to get to his house after 28 years, ha!

Monday, December 8, 2008

It's Monday after the show and I'm still alive. Actually it wasn't too difficult and it was what I would consider a success. I sold one small piece and everyone that came through seemed to like the show. Here are the most recent paintings. And thanks to everyone who came to the show, I really appreciate the support.

Also, if there are artists out there that have any tips on transporting large pieces I'd love to hear them. It seems to be the most challenging thing for me being somewhat of a klutz (well, let's be honest here, I'm actually quite dangerous to myself and others), thanks for any words of wisdom.