Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Last night was the white elephant gift exchange. This is a group of women, mostly actors, singers, and one former Miss Montana (who also went to Oxford by the way). We started having lunch together every Wednesday 15 years ago - I think it started when some of us got married, had children etc. and we never had time to see each other and then decided on a yearly holiday get together. This year we had it at the Wilma in "the former Miss Montana's" luxury rental, and had Scotties Table cater the food (it doesn't get any better than that). 

Anyhow, most of the gifts that I have gotten in the past have been things that my daughter inherits or that I put away to give next year - of course these are the things that you never use or can't stand looking at anymore. In fact up to now the best gift that everyone remembers was a box of shoulder pads (we all fondly remember the 80's). But I have to say, this year I hit the jackpot, we have a new member who actually gave something really cool. And the best thing is my daughter thinks it's creepy so it's mine all mine. Mike Demeng if you're out there I know you want it, even if it is a purse.

I'm posting a photo and a photo of the rental which by the way is available through wilmalofts.com

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deMeng said...

yes I do want that purse.