Saturday, December 27, 2008

Zoey the Christmas kitty

I posted a couple of months ago about our dog Juneau passing away, and after much consideration and some really bad pet choices (one of them an evil hamster that is still in the house somewhere) we decided to open our house to a new cat. Of course this meant 4 trips to the humane society until we found the one that seemed right, no more evil, nocturnal, or poisonous pets.

Her name is Zoey, and I have to say she is very cool. Not too clingy, but you can pick her up and she immediately turns into a noodle. It is difficult for me not having a dog since I've had them all my life but I have to say it's really nice not having huge muddy paw prints everywhere.

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Ghislaine Bruno said...

I guess the hamster will not be somewhere in the house for long...