Saturday, August 7, 2010

road weary

As much as I hear artists sometimes complaining about Gallery fees of 50%, I've found myself sympathetic to the Gallery owner.

Having my first show in the new studio space (with another artist) really opened my eyes to how much work was involved with hanging, (which included installing a hanging system because of the entire building being made of brick) marketing, buying food, wine and then the act of selling the work (or trying to) which I don't think comes easily for most artists. Luckily in this case I think most people are very forgiving.

I did manage to do very well at this show, selling 2 small pieces as well as the piece (or pieces) posted here, I was so excited that they wanted the entire grouping because it really does create a much more striking presence all together. This painting is made up of 16 - 12" x 12" pieces that were painted individually, I thought that it wouldn't be cheating in my 100 painting project if they were done as single paintings that made up a large one as long as I painted them one at a time. I actually didn't see the finished piece until I put them all together.