Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The wonders of lithium.

After a 30 minute ride from Guadalajara we arrived in Rio Caliente, we found our casita and decided to try one of the infamous pools. The water here comes out of the river at 175 degrees, they use it for the pools, steam room and filter it for the drinking water so you always have to check the temperature of the pools before jumping in.

Ever since I was little I've had this amazing reoccurring dream about swimming in water that surrounded me with silky softness and warmth, well these pools contain the water of my dreams with the added bonus of lithium, which causes you to walk around with a stupid grin on your face all day.

Here's the thing about this place, Caroline, the woman who owns it employs almost completely from the neighboring town of La Primavera, she trains them or has them go off and be trained if necessary for things like the treatment rooms, and doesn't expect them to speak english unless they want to learn. So they take care of her and she takes care of them, in fact once she said "I don't sack them and they don't sack me". So when I said I like finding a place to hang out where the locals do, this is kind of like living with them. 

It's rustic but everyone's needs are met, no extras but I don't think I've ever felt so well taken care of in my life. In fact the birds are fed in the morning, the horses graze wherever they want, the plants are well cared for, everyone seems extremely happy inside this valley of the volcano. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

Mexico continued

We hung out for a little while to check out some murals by Orozco that I was curious about. The first photo in the stairwell is at a government building and it is really spectacular, the ceiling is curved so as you are walking up the stairs the perspective of this face coming down on you is really amazing. The other image was taken at what used to be an orphanage and church. I think this is the chapel, cool murals, very monochromatic but all I could think of is how scared the kids must have felt when they were in there - lots of blood and guts.

Update 2


First, can I just say almost all of Mexico is SAFE for tourists. No one has Swine flu, and you won't be kidnapped by the drug cartel, fed to the dogs, forced to slave away in the marajuana fields, you won't even have to duck stray bullets. From what I understand all of these exaggerated events have taken place near the border and involve only the policia and the drug cartel and a few political figures, they don't care about us. But because of all of the bad press Mexico is really hurting from lack of tourists. 

Second, I really love the people of Mexico, I've been here before several times but this time particularly they were so very warm and welcoming (perhaps because of the lack of tourism), and even allowed the stupid American to take pictures of them for my next series of paintings.

So this was such a different sort of trip than I usually take. I'm one of those travelers that likes to find areas the locals hang out in and experience what they do. I don't necessarily try to do things that I can read about in a book and I really hate hate hate being waited on in some expensive resort. So the thought of going to a spa wasn't initially very attractive to me. But this is like no spa I've ever been to (or imagined, since I've never actually been to a spa). 

We started off in Guadalajara for the first night staying in the historic area at Hotel Morales. Absolutely beautiful hotel in what used to be a house or hacienda, wonderful location and beautiful architecture. I've posted a stunning photo of the staircase that my friend Pam took. 

Catch up 1

The latest HuHot outside of Des Moines. Just one of the 9 walls.