Monday, August 13, 2012

Western Artist

Sure, I can be a western artist, I live in the west don't I?

There is only really one gallery in Missoula (the Dana Gallery) and my work only kind of fits in there as most of the artists paint western themes, but in my quest to get out there and be seen as much as possible I decided to try painting for their annual "Icons of the West Show". I decided to paint a horse. My first attempt was pretty awful being sort of a traditional looking horse and really didn't fit in with my latest work at all, and I discovered 2 days before the deadline that it didn't meet the size requirements either. So, a little rejected I slunk home vowing to try again next year when my husband said in passing, "why don't you paint a horse made up of stones?" Hmmmm, interesting idea. So I did, and here it is, and I sent it to the Dana a week late and they kindly accepted it anyway. Yay.

"the Stone Pony" oil on panel, 20" x 30"