Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Seashells by the seashore

Sunday we had a family outing at the beach. We took a train to Castiglioncello (say that 3 times fast). A little resort town on the Italian riviera, it is the italian's holiday place which the tourists haven't discovered yet (except us of course). If Don won the big lottery I would buy property here, it's beautiful (could you get on that for me honey?).

There was a little stand at the top of the stairs leading from the beach where 
Faith had a hot dog on beautiful bread with ketchup that was more like 
pasta sauce. Adair and I had this thing they call a crepe but it was more like 
a doughnut sort of thing but it was lemony and melted in your mouth. I 
keep dreaming about it, it was so good.

We got back tired and sunburned so we stopped to eat "al fresco" on our 
walk from the station. There was a view directly through a little side street 
to Piazza Signoria by the Ufizzi and at the end was the David, not the 
original, but still...

We continued our walk home through that piazza and stopped to listen to
a man playing the flute. The acoustics on that particular corner are really 
amazing and every night there is someone playing there.

Once again crossing the bridge to our apartment there was another amazing 
view of the Ponte Vecchio. I don't know how each night can be so different 
but that's the magic of this place.


Kim White said...

Hello all,
Diane called me today and reminded be of your website. What great photos. She said that in one of them, Faith looks just like Katie. I agree. I think she is a great artist too. You describe the sights beautifully, and your right, a camera probably wouldn't do it justice. I look forward to reading more, but your probably almost ready to come home. When are you coming home? How is your mom's killer foot?

Laura said...

Hi Kim,

Nice to hear from you. We're coming home next week. I am a little sad about it, but it will be good to see everyone.

Laura and Faith.