Tuesday, January 27, 2009


After two months of concentrating on other work, my family and the holidays I have begun painting again. In fact, last weekend I realized I needed to finish 2 paintings by Monday so I would have enough work to submit to a gallery here or I would have to wait another year, and really it's the only local gallery that seems right for my work. Luckily my husband was able to be a full time dad and I spent the weekend in the studio, no interruptions. I did send them out but after looking at the photos I realized they are far from finished. Here they are until I can get to them again (the top one is the drawing of Venice that I had so much trouble with).


Ghislaine Bruno said...

Hi Laura, nothing like deadlines to send you to the studio... I sometimes do commissions and I experience it all the time ! Actually, I tend to think that working in a hurry makes your working hours more efficient and your art straigt to the essentials.

Laura said...

Hi Ghislane, yes if nothing else deadlines take away excuses for not working.

Are you a full time painter?

By the way I love "Circulaire"