Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finished (almost)

So in starting this blog I was all excited because when I was traveling, every day was full of new experiences and things to write about. Now though, I'm finding less and less interesting things to say and I'm sure no one wants to hear about Faith's difficulty in finding something to wear for school pictures and similar things that seem to consume my day. So, that said, I'll stick to art. 

This is the Castiglioncello piece finished (almost) in color. In the photo of the boy (these are actually 2 different photos that I used pieces from) he is holding a cell phone. A friend of mine thinks it's timely and I should keep it, but to be honest it makes me cringe a little which is where the "almost finished" comes from, I'll post the finished piece when I figure out how to change it.

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