Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New underpainting

I've started a new painting of what else.. Italy. This was the view from the terrace of our apartment. One of the things I like about painting from photos is that I'm really a terrible photographer so I can almost always paint it better than it looks in the photo, I get to move things around and brighten them up which I can't seem to figure out how to do with a camera.


Pamela Robinson said...

I think your underpainting is really nice. Did you start with a black canvas? I love the way it shows through on the buildings. I'm curious, since you are relatively new to oil (like me) do you find it easy to work with? It's very frustrating for me. I'm used to thinking in acrylic or watercolor. I think maybe I'm using it too thick. Do you use Liquin? So many questions sorry!

Laura said...

Yes I always start with black, it started when I did scenic painting and I hated seeing the white places that I had missed. Then translated that to murals and I kind of got a style going that I liked.

These are water soluable oils, I love how transparent they are but it's also really maddening how long they take to dry and I haven't figured out yet how to use them thick, so far they seem to lend themself to multiple thin layers.

But when I was in Florence I bought a painting by an 85 year old Italian man of the Ponte Vecchio and his style is very thick in small brush strokes, really beautiful. I can't imagine how to do that, you must have to be very confident where your color goes. I am definitely much more comfortable with acrylics also.

Robin said...

Laura - what fun! a travelogue and wonderful creative paintings. Are you liking the finished look of the oils? I enjoy the verve you get in your paintings and such good compositions.

Laura said...

Thanks Robin, I do like the oils, however I'm new at it so I feel like I'm still working out the kinks. Lots of fun though.

I love how you handle light in your paintings, they're very dramatic.