Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Murals Shmurals

I wish I had a photo to attach but I forgot my camera. I'll remember it next week when I go to Madison.

I'm here in Wichita Kansas on election day, painting 850 square feet of murals on the walls of another HuHot. For those who don't have them in their town (yet) they are a Mongolian restaurant chain, I think there are 27 now or something like that. When I come in to paint they are still in construction and so there are always unforseen problems, although I have to say the only problem on this one is dust, and they have tried really hard to keep it down for me. Also my energy level, which these days is always a problem.

Happy voting!

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Pamela Robinson said...

Oh please take pictures and post them! I'd love to see your murals