Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Enormous Madison

I just got back yesterday from the Madison HuHot. I was expecting to take it a little easier than in Wichita, it being just 650 square feet of wall space to paint but there were some changes and somehow they were able to squeeze almost 1100 sq. feet of murals into this space. 9 walls in all and one being a 63 ft. long curved soffit that went up to the ceiling at 20 feet or so, another was 30 feet long, so I had to drive heavy equipment on this one which always makes me a little nervous, but miraculously I didn't run into anything. 

I took a few pictures but now I remember why I never take photos of these jobs. First, it's in the construction phase so you don't get the impression of what the finished restaurant looks like. The areas are hard to photograph because there are obstructions hiding parts of them and the lighting hasn't been installed so it's very dark. But here are a couple of the little walls that you can actually tell what they are and I'll put in a photo of the first HuHot to see it without the construction. I came up with these designs about 10 years ago, very graphic, which makes it possible to paint 1100 sq. feet in 5 days. As the years went on and I had to create more and more of these characters I started researching Mongolian Folklore so most of the designs are from these stories.