Saturday, November 29, 2008

Show next Friday

So in starting this new thing for me - painting things that people can actually hang in their houses (which I've been avoiding for 35 years), I've realized that artists do shows not necessarily just to sell work and generate cash to buy more supplies to do more work but to get the finished pieces out of the studio so they have the space to do more. 

Well, since this is so new to me, I didn't get my act together to get any shows for this year (and only one for next) and the studio is getting very cramped, so I'm creating my own. A friend of mine who is an architect offered me a space to show my stuff on December's First Friday gallery walk. This, by the way is an excellent space, in a perfect location downtown. Carl is the same person that got me the HuHot mural job, which has paid my bills for the last 8 years (he's like my own personal career fairy). He owns Paradigm Architects for anyone local who wants to stop by next Friday. 

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