Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last of the cacti, #18 leaning soldiers

Here is the last cacti painting, even though these 6 paintings of cacti took longer than I had hoped, I really enjoyed painting them, but decided that I needed to start something that isn't quite so detailed for a little break. So last week I painted 2 landscapes. I'd love not to ever show these anywhere and perhaps put them in a closet somewhere for eternity because they really are absolutely awful, but part of this process needs to be putting it all out there, the good bad and the ugly (and boy are these ugly) so I promise I'll post them next week. On a positive note though, having abject failures has done a couple of things, it's making me more aware of what I like about other people's art, and even though I have the urge to fix these paintings, I'm resisting, I'm leaving them to remind me what doesn't work and moving on without beating the poor painting to death.

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